Alberto Mansera, Medellín
Columna Vertebral

” Escéptico inicialmente, hoy recomiendo a los profesionales de Celfront completamente por su profesionalismo y sobre todo, la efectividad del tratamiento con células madre que me permitió recuperarme de años de vivir con dolor de espalda por discos deteriorados. Otros tratamientos me daban alivio corto. Después del tratamiento con células madre el dolor se redujo muchísimo y el movimiento es mucho mejor.”

Joseph Kasinsky, Toronto
Parkinson´s disease

“Stem cell therapy has provided me a much needed help. After the therapy it reduced my Parkinson’s symptoms, improved my mobility, and incredibly enhanced my quality of life, giving me a new hope on life I never thought possible.”

Shaida Williams, Chicago
Chron´s disease

“Anyone suffering from Crohn’s disease know what that illness can do to you physically and emotionally. Today even though is not a 100% curable disease, I can say my condition has improved by at least a70%, and that’s a great leap for me. The stem cell treatment from Celfront can turn lives around.”

Michael Wayne, Florida
Arthrosis of knees

“After undergoing stem cell treatment for my knee arthrosis, I’ve experienced a remarkable transformation in my quality of life, from years of pain and limiting stiffness to even walk, the therapy with 2 applications significantly reduced my pain and improved my mobility.”

Safer, More Effective Stem Cells

The approval of cancer immunotherapies in the US and MSC-based therapies in Europe has propelled regenerative medicine into the spotlight. Stem cell therapy, a beacon for those with incurable diseases, aims not only to manage but also to treat these conditions.

While no medical treatment is always 100% effective, the evidence points to stem cell therapy as a safe, effective option for many patients with different conditions. As research advances and clinical applications expand, stem cell therapy continues to offer new possibilities for healing and recovery.

Stem cells

Test Certified

Safety, Efficacy, Viability, and Concentration guaranteed with Standards that exceed those required and met internationally. Our Stem Cells have been certified by specialized external laboratories for their bio-safety tests.